Polish abstract painter colled Tade



Group exhibitions

2013 Warsaw Poland Dom Artysty Plastyka, Mazowiecka 11a photo gallery

1950 Nice France (U.M.A.M - Union Mediterranéenne pour l´art moderne - with a 2nd prize),

1951 Nice, France („Prix de la jeune peinture“ 1st prize U.M.A.M Prix Galerie Massena),

1952 Vallauris, France („Peinture et Lumieres“ together with Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Pignon, Poliakoff, Leger and others)

1952 Nice, France („Prix de la jeune Peinture“ 1st prize U.M.A.M Galerie Massena and 1st prize Pébéo)
1952 Cagnes-sur-mer, France („Premier Salon d´Art Mediterraneen“ together with Renoir, Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, Winter and others)

One-person exhibitions

1943 Winterthur, Switzerland (Kunstgewerbesaal)
1947 Solothurn, Switzerland (Bookshop Lüthy)
1948 Berne, Switzerland (Lyceumsaal 1948)
1949 Solothurn, Switzerland (Bookshop Lüthy)
1950 Nice, France (Gallery Gui Blanchard)
1950 Paris, France (Galerie Bernheim-Jeune)
1951 Nice, France (L´Art Club)
1951 Zurich, Switzerland (Gallerie Kirchgasse)
1952 Menton, France (Premier Biennale a Menton)
1960 Paris, France (Gallery Edouard Loeb)
1961 London, England (Marlborough Gallery)
1962 New York, USA (Bertha Schaefer Gallery)
1963 Paris, France (Gallery Edouard Loeb)
1964 Pittsburgh, USA (Exposition Internationale de Pittsburgh,jury-selected for Institut Carnegie)
1965 Munich, Germany (Galerie Thomas)
1966 New York, USA (Bertha Schaefer Gallery)
1965 Stockholm, Sweden (Svea Galleriet)