Polish abstract painter colled Tade


Tadé was the name used by Tadeusz Fuss-Kaden (15 September 1914 – 16 November 1985) to sign his paintings as Tadé or Fuss or Kaden. 

He was a painter of Polish origin who gained international attention in the 1960s for his powerful abstract compositions made of plaster and resin on board, with strips and rounds of rusted tin cans embedded on the surface. Later in the 60s Tadé expanded his work by wooden sculptures looking like insects or mars people. In addition he started his typical design of Mediterranean houses.

In 1941 together with other Polish painters he renovated a ceiling painting of a chapel in Zuchwil, Switzerland and delivered 1942 a design for glass windows of a church in kanton Solothurn. 1947 there followed a mosaic work (Schwarzer Christus) in Bellach, Switzerland.


His work was exhibited internationally. One of his most notable exhibitions was in Nice in the 50s, where he was a part of a group show inVallauris, France along with Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Pignon, Poliakoff, and Leger. He later gained international fame in the 60s for his abstract works.